franque fire

About me

Born in Owerri, IMO State Eastern part of Nigeria, on November 1, 1991. Francis is a self taught contemporary visual artist whose art embodies a critical exploration of the interface of traditional and modernity

As a young contemporary visual Artist i started first self learning, went through intetnship and mentorship programs, my painting works perspective looks at the independent , social and astral relationship circle within my community and environment, as I choose to represent them in abstract and vivid stories from my locale to address African common social psychology.



Nwanyi Series is a soul expression that points to the place of the Woman in my present day society, the challenges and pointed solution against what it should or used to be in the old times.

some of these pieces where done in 2020

MAN series seek to point at the major social persecutions and challenges of MAN “Morning Afternoon and Night in the Contemporary African Society as I chose to express them in this series done from 2021


villaffest 2020

villaffest 2021

circle of Art international exhibition January 2023


Villaffest Best Emerging Artist 2020

villaffest emerging artist's Award

Villaffest African Best Artist Award 2021

Social Projects

by Francis Njoku


This is a social experiment that has turned to an actual project founded by UKAMP initiative and several creative individuals and businesses such as Bocvisualz media and so on. In the need to improve human interaction with his environment, create a more gentrified and conducive living experience within Suburban neighborhoods of cities HOOD FOR GOOD is inspiring good neighborliness, good environment, colorful and lit alleys and streets while discovering creative leaders within this environment for the world 🌍 Hood for Good has a vision to discover, inspire, express, restore and show case people and places for goodness and positive interaction with their environment

ukamp stutio initiative logo


is an initiative inspired by franque fire creative enterprise to inspire communities of creatives, it was founded in 2018 November and had its first outing on December 26 2018, that marked the Owerri first open gallery show, this mission is to inspire the true values of Art and Craft for everyone and the creative value of any art piece and artist to social building through improved social psychology UKAMP means bringing Universality, Unity, Uniqueness in a camp for the above mission and vision to establishing the value oriented studio and practices in the world It currently runs a group campaign with selected creatives that has inspired so many projects


The best crafts across Africa should be heralded, noticed, and valued. We love our heritage and have decided to spearhead it's global appreciation. We are UKRAFT, a dedicated store that offers unique crafts made from the finest African indigenous crafting culture. These crafts have been put together in the most exceptional way to be showcased to the world. They tell out stories like never before told. They exist, just not seen as much as they deserve to be. The stories of the most gifted continent on earth can be read clearly through the beautiful crafts by some exceptionally skilled craftsmen. We've sourced for them, and they're excited for this journey to begin